What is

MC Chain?

Distributed data storage protocol


Moving Cloud Chain is a distributed data storage protocol based on block chaining technology. The development team is trying to build a safe and stable block chain asset platform to meet the current rapid development of financial, Internet of things, entertainment, health, public services and other traditional areas, and quickly enter the block chain + smart industry.


Moving Cloud Chain is a public chain. It is a development project in the MIT license agreement with all the source code opened. It will get through a point-to-point network, Byzantine fault tolerance and digital certificate, intelligent transaction, contract, superconducting cross chain interoperability protocol and a series of technology combined with intelligent assets more rapid and efficient, safe and lawful management of users.

What is


Moving Cloud Coin is the only built-in assets for cloud chain, but also one part for cloud chain protocol, using the POE consensus mechanism output distribution modelthe. The total amount is constant and can not be added.


Electricity supplier payment, offline Cafe payment, etc.


When a transfer transaction is initiated, a portion of the handling fee is generated as the circulation cost


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Through MCC as raw material to create a variety of tokens and DAPP, makes the application block chain combine with the real business world, let digital assets really flow together.
Technological Advantage
Superconducting network
Smart Contract
Consensus mechanism-POE
Cross chain Trading
Multi Chain Interaction
Products and Services
Internet of Things
Public Services